Slot Overview: 777 Rainbow Re-Spins

Crazy Tooth Studios’ 777 Rainbow Respins is an eclectic mix of retro and cutting-edge gameplay elements. On the unexpected side, this is the first time the studio has dabbled in the always fashionable Irish setting. However, the idea of Lucky 7 is not foreign to them. If you are familiar with the game 777 Mega Deluxe, then you will have no trouble understanding what to anticipate from 777 Rainbow Respins. If you haven’t, or if you’re just very curious, keep reading to find out how the original game plays out with an Irish veneer.

777 Rainbow Respins’ visuals shift from cheery countryside and a swanky nightclub depending on the current game phase. Indoors in a lush green setting, with a jovial leprechaun figure perched on a rainbow to the left, this is the setting for the game’s default mode. While the end of the rainbow in 777 Rainbow Respins may not be marked with a pot of gold, the game still has some decent winning potential. A 4-reel, 7-row gaming board can be seen next to the rainbow; this is an unconventional arrangement that may entice gamers searching for something new to try. Mechanically distinct, of course, as variations on this concept are ubiquitous.

777 Rainbow Respins is a clone of the popular slot machine, 777 Mega Deluxe, and hence features nearly identical gameplay and statistics. This necessitates a very dynamic mathematical model, as well as three different RTP values: 96.1%, 94.02%, and 92.24%. The maximum payout and hit rate are same across setups, coming in at 16.06% and 16.1%, respectively. A respin option, dubbed “Insanity Respin,” is available to counteract this very low rate of return. Bet limits range from 20 p/c on the low end to £/€40 on the high end, and the game may be played across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Players have 127 fixed paylines to try and land winning combinations of three or four of a type on throughout the game’s oddly arranged grid. Suns, horseshoes, moons, stars, clubs, hearts, diamonds, and clubs are all low-paying symbols that only return 0.05 to 0.1 times the wager for a full house. After BARS, harps, and rainbows come values of 0.05-0.2x for three or four of a kind, respectively. The top rewards range from 0.10x for a full house to 0.25x for a straight. The game also has scatter symbols, and either an x2 or x5 wild multiplier symbol (the latter of which appears exclusively in the bonus game). When a multiplier like “x2” or “x5” is applied to a victory, the amount is multiplied by that number.

Slot Bonuses: Respins on the Rainbow 777

777 Rainbow Respins comes with two unique bonuses, Respin Insanity and the 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus.

Irrationality Reframed

The Respin Insanity function is activated after any winning spin. When triggered, a respin region is made up of all occurrences of the winning symbol type. Then, everything within the respin region is spun again, save for any multiplier wilds. A respin is triggered and the region is respun if the landed symbol type corresponds to one or more spots outside the respin area. A win evaluation is performed after a respin, and a wild multiplier of x2 may be applied to the respin region. After a respin, the feature will terminate if no new symbols are placed to the respin area.

Bonus Respins for the Rainbow 777

If you’re lucky enough to hit three scattered pots of gold, you’ll be rewarded with four free spins in the 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus. The Respins Insanity feature is continually activated by successful spins. All wild multiplier symbols are now locked for the length of the bonus round, and the x5 wild multiplier can now join the game. The 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus cannot be retriggered, which is another important rule.

The Final Say on the 777 Rainbow Re-Spin Slot

Couldn’t gamers have done without yet another clone of the already mediocre 777 Mega Deluxe? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A little more excitement might have been added to 777 Rainbow Respins if Crazy Tooth had chosen a different motif for the reskin. The similarities between 777 Mega Deluxe and its brother slot are minimal, since both have the same benefits and drawbacks.

The negatives shall go first. As we’ve already established, Leprechauns are a staple of slot machines, and their presence shows no signs of waning any time soon. Players are either really into their antics or totally over them. There’s not much hope that 777 Rainbow Respins will sway anyone’s opinion of Crazy Tooth. The very low symbol values, a problem with several Crazy Tooth machines, are another source of frustration. It is theoretically feasible to win a respectable sum when playing 777 Rainbow Respins. The respins may not be completely bonkers all the time, but every once in a while they manage to piece together a halfway solid idea. Given the relative prices of the symbols, the maximum payout of 6,500x the investment is not terrible at all.

For those who like games based on mythical figures, 777 Rainbow Respins might feel like spinning the reels with a friendly leprechaun. Despite certain positives, the game as a whole lacked excitement and originality and ultimately fell flat. These 777 games feel like they’re attempting to imitate other companies’ releases of traditional slots with a new twist. The issue about smash hits like the ELK Classic Series is that they are typically creative, grunty games that hook you and provide a few chuckles. Compared to 777 Rainbow Respins, we found it to be weak and devoid of any truly must-have elements.

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