For the Win: An Overview of Anderthals

No one ever doubted Swedish studio Just For The Win’s ability to create aesthetically pleasing games, and it appears that their intended market (soccer moms?) approves. However, under the hood, things have not been quite as intriguing because we’ve been fed what seems almost like a recycled mathematical model – and a fairly poor one at that. Based on the technical specifications of their most recent product offering, we are not optimistic. Yet, we shall see.

Andy and Annie Anderthal, a sweet young couple from the distant past, are our hosts this time around. The two troglodyte protagonists of JFTW’s newest slot, Anderthals, are depicted as brandishing clubs and dressed in animal skins. They’re the kind of folks who have pet dinosaurs and feast on dino ribs over a campfire. Sure, it has a certain Flintstones vibe to it. The game world is even more prehistoric than Fred’s was; people still use their feet to power their vehicles. Although the two Anderthals and the slot in general come off as friendly, the benefits for taking up the slot’s high volatility are not particularly rewarding. It’s encouraging to see the developer crank up the difficulty in that respect, but it’s a shame the rest of the slot is so far behind.

Obviously, Anderthals is a witty abbreviation for Neanderthals. Those “cavemen” who lived side by side with early humans for generations, perhaps interbreeding and leaving a genetic legacy that has survived to the present day. This suggests that the game will take place in an ancient setting, complete with volcanoes and dinosaurs. Although we are all aware that dinosaurs and humans did not coexist in the past, a little artistic license never hurt anyone.

The slot was designed by Just for the Win, as per usual, and it looks great. It has a cartoony, dreamlike aesthetic that calls to mind the film The Good Dinosaur. The grid has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 predetermined paylines. As was previously indicated, the show is controlled by a highly volatile mathematical model that yields an RTP of 96.12%. The game has undergone thorough testing to ensure such outcomes, as will be discussed further in the conclusion.

Players can travel through time by placing a wager anywhere from 10 p/c to $100/€100 every spin. The primary objective is to achieve winning combos of three or more identical symbols on a payline. Royals (J-A) crudely hewn from stone are among the standard pay symbols, along with three premiums. Andy, Annie, and the logo are all perks that increase the value of a full house to 32 times the original wager. The wild card completes the standard set by standing in for any pay symbol. The standard landing size is 1×1, although there are ways to increase it.

Anders (For The Win): Special Attributes

Free spins and a number of random features benefit Anderthals. There is a horizontal bar with 5 places just above the reels, and each spin will unveil a new set of features and boosters. Feature Spots are identified by their respective reel numbers. The Feature Symbol is represented by the torch in flames, and it triggers the Feature Spots above it whenever two or more of them appear during a spin. These advantages are available at a variety of Feature Spots:

1x Bet or 2x Bet- when the spin is complete a 1x or 2x the bet prize is awarded appropriately.

Expanding Wilds – any wilds that land beneath these active Feature Spots will extend to fill the whole reel.

Wild Reels – When this Feature Spot is activated, wild symbols are added to the reels directly beneath it.

Any wild symbols on the currently active reels will be multiplied by 2 or 3, respectively. It’s impossible to get both a Wild x2 and a Wild x3 on the same spin.

Respins: During the main game, this triggers a bonus round where Expanding Wilds, Wild x2, and Wild x3 can appear. There is a limit of one respin every spin, and the respin cannot trigger further features.

Launches the bonus round of free spins.

When the first Free Spins spot is activated, the player receives 8 bonus spins; each consecutive Free Spins spot activated adds 2 more free spins to the round. All bonus symbols in play at the time of the bonus round’s activation will remain so for the length of the free spins.

Anderthals (To Take The Win, Of Course): Judgment

Like their previous album, Treasure Skyland, Just for the Win has astonished fans by increasing the game’s volatility. They should have cranked up the rest of the game to match. When playing at the standard 0.10 bet, the arrangement actually isn’t too bad for low-rollers because they can win almost 11,000 times their stake. For highrollers, nevertheless, the game is not particularly rewarding as the game is capped at 2,219 times the stake at max bet.

Of course, it’s exceedingly implausible in any case, given that this was accomplished during 110 billion simulated rotations. In other words, it’s probably safer to wait for the next cold age than for a windfall. With that knowledge in hand, any allure Andean people may have held would swiftly fade, even faster than the dinosaurs did on the day of the hit.

That being said, Just for the Win creates aesthetically pleasing games and is aware of its target demographic. They expect Anderthals to attract players from Europe and Asia. The inclusion of a Chinese-language logo in some releases of the game is indicative of this intention. Some gamblers could be won over by the game’s charming aesthetic and its two or three mechanisms. The first is the consistent one-in-five hit rate. The second is that, on average, two scatters will appear once every twenty-five spins. The Feature Spots activate every time this occurs. The problem is that the modifications aren’t really unique or powerful.

All all, Anderthals is another looker from Just for the Win which is more flare than substance. Yet, with a ton of features and reasonably frequent hit rate, it has all the perfect components to rock its target demographic. There is no need to go out of your way to find Anderthals to play with unless you are really interested in the prospect of socializing with prehistoric lizard people.

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